I am Alina Michielsen,
an artist, and storyteller of imaginative dream-like compositions
with bright colours, whimsical lines, personal philosophies, and emotions.

My Art

Art tells my stories of travel, family, friends, abstract concepts, philosophies, emotions, and most importantly it is my dreams and imagination at play. I like to explore with all kinds of mediums and techniques. Generally, I paint with acrylics (sometimes oils) on canvas, gouache on paper, and draw with pastels. I create my own semi-realistic abstract compositions based on my imaginations stories, poetry, concepts, and my virtual version of reality. My art feels like a fictitious fantasy from dreams. My style is colourful, bold, filled with swirly whimsical organic lines, and creations of conceptual aesthetics. I seek freedom, beauty and self-expression in my art. I aspire for my art to bring others as much joy and inspiration as it brings me.

My Story

It all began when my mother took me out into the yard, set up large easel with red, yellow, blue, and green paint, gave me a paintbrush a guided my hand. The beautiful colours, and freedom to create anything I could imagine, and the ability to express myself, instantly captivated me. Since this moment, I have loved and practiced art. Through school, I continued to do art with my mother as my first art teacher, and I practice outside class. This was an important time for learning and developing personally, creating my art, and writing style. I decided to pursue Business Management (HR) and Arts (Philosophy and writing) in University in Brisbane (QLD). My art bloomed again when I did exchange studies in the Netherlands, Maastricht, and took a gap year working in Doha, Qatar. My travels have provided great inspiration in my work. Returning to Brisbane, I completed my degree while doing causal art classes at night, and an internship at Juggler’s Art Space Gallery. Joining the working class, I slowly begun to entering in more completions and building a family art space called Art Do View. Art Do View finally opened on New Years 2019 and became my studio. This year I started to pursue my art vigorously entering in about 10 local competitions, doing my first few commissions, selling works, showcasing as RAW Artist in Brisbane, and ending with my first Solo Exhibition at Bean Café called “A Word Away.” Now, I have moved to Melbourne, and I’m finally studying Visual Arts at RMIT to get a formal arts education.

Hey there!

If you are interested in buying artworks or have any other questions and enquiries I would love to hear from you! Please contact me at alinamichielsen@gmail.com or use the contact form below.

To stay in touch, and keep up with what’s happening (such as upcoming exhibitions or new artworks) please like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram.

Buying Artworks

Contact me with the name of the artwork, your name, and contact number. Then, we can discuss details such as price, framing, and delivery. In general, the prices of the works vary depending on size, time, effort, mediums and the finished work. Artworks range in price from $100 to $1000 in most cases without framing or delivery. If needed, framing and delivery are additional costs.


Please contact me to discuss what artwork you would like including themes, placement and purpose.