Hello, I am Alina Michielsen,
an artist, and storyteller of imaginative dream-like compositions
with bright colours, whimsical lines, philosophies, and emotions.

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My Main Works

Most works are for sale, please contact me to enquire about the artwork you are interested in.

Walking in Dreams
for sale
All four teacup set
for sale
Colour Tea Cups - Traditional Colours
for sale
Tribute to Lisa
Hot Tea Pot
The Falcon
for sale
You Go Girl!
Renae in Austria
Renae in Santorini
Renae in Doha
Renae in Brisbane
Renae in Blois, France
for sale
Turkish Belly Dancer
Lake Moraine (Canada)
for sale
Naked Hillside
for sale
Bird in Bushland
Santorini by the seaside
for sale
Atha and Jasper
Cherry Blossoms in Japan
for sale
Mountains of Snow
for sale
Glow Worm Cave
Dad in Egypt
for sale
Swans in Zurich
Me in Zermatt
for sale
Dubai Dancing Water Fountains
for sale
To the Sea
for sale
Graham Quirk (Brisbane former Lord Mayor)
for sale
for sale
Chikos Chikos
Lady and the Harp
Piano in a Rose Garden
for sale
Powerless Passion
Queen Dragon’s Family
Rise Like a Phoenix
for sale
Mt Maslow
for sale
Running Free
for sale
Starlight Runs Free
for sale
Freedom and Destiny

Hey there!

If you are interested in buying artworks or have any other questions and enquiries I would love to hear from you! Please contact me at alinamichielsen@gmail.com or use the contact form below.

To stay in touch, and keep up with what’s happening (such as upcoming exhibitions or new artworks) please like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram.

Buying Artworks

Contact me with the name of the artwork, your name, and contact number. Then, we can discuss details such as price, framing, and delivery. In general, the prices of the works vary depending on size, time, effort, mediums and the finished work. Artworks range in price from $100 to $1000 in most cases without framing or delivery. If needed, framing and delivery are additional costs.


Please contact me to discuss what artwork you would like including themes, placement and purpose.